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About Placement Cells

Keeping pace with the ever changing mode of education, we have introduced centre for Training & Placement in our college. Most of our students are well-trained to cope up with the present job prospects. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to place our students in various government and private enterprises, some of our students are already placed in reputed institutions and corporates like Wirpo and Frank Finn, Vodafone BPO, Eureka Forbes, Reliance BPO etc.

The Training & Placement Cell is a full-fledged department which seeks best career prospects for the budding aspirants passing out from Arts, Commerce and Science streams taught here. The prime objective of the training & placement cell is to maintain strong Industry-Institute linkage and strive for the overall development & grooming of the students according to the job market requirements. The cell has maintained a sound rapport with a large number of big companies, industrial conglomerates, and reputed business houses.

The Training & Placement Cell plays an active role in inviting senior professionals from the relevant domains for grooming the aspirants from time to time. It also offers multiple networking opportunities through company presentations, off-campus networking events, career fairs & industry/plant visits. The Training & Placement Cell plans career guidance, counseling, and training programs with the help of industry and academic professionals to effectively groom and counsel students towards a bright career.

The Training & Placement Cell interacts with the Industry and co-ordinates the activities for the students of B.A., B.Com. & B.Sc. It maintains a strong database of potential recruiters and maintains continuous liasoning with them, assessing trends in their requirement and making efforts to prepare the prospective professionals on these lines.

The Training & Placement Cell has been making aggressive efforts to provide the best career prospects to the students. The Cell has been sourcing job openings by matching students’ knowledge, skills, personality traits and attitudes to the varied requirements of the jobs. We have MoU with other professional institutions through which we exchange intellectual resources. The cell is generous enough to extend the portals of career opportunities to the aspirants of the adjacent colleges by inviting them to attend the campus drive. Students are actively involved in placement activities through Self-Promotional strategy, as our campus drive is open for all the aspirants.

The Training & Placement Cell was established to prepare its students for the larger, external world. It combines the academic power of the institution with the vitality and ambition of the students. The cell networks with the best companies in Telecommunications, Retailing, Manufacturing, Consulting, Hospitality, Health-care, Banking, Non-banking financial services and many other industry sectors on a daily basis. This has resulted in a strong and beneficial relationship for the students, the Institute and the business community. The other services that The Training & Placement Cell offers are Personality Development Programmes, workshops and interview skills sessions for students. This is done under the umbrella of Spoken English Classes organized in the Language Lab on regular basis.


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Name of Company Session Date of Interview Nature of Post Total Candidates Candidate Selected
WIPRO BPO, Pune 2006-07 14-03-2007 Customer Support Associates 74 9
Kompass Aviation, Nagpur 2007-08 27-09-2007 Flight Steward, Ground Staff 150 40
Oasis Computer Academy, Bhiwapur 2008-09 20-09-2008 Instructor, Marketing ExecutiveVillage Representative 19 13
Vidyaniketan Eng. M. School, Bhiwapur 24-09-2008 Primary Teacher 14 3
Oasis Computer Academy, Bhiwapur 2009-10 12-10-2009 Instructor, Marketing Executive 22 7
WIPRO BPO 2010-11 16-01-2011 Customer Support Associates,Customer Support Representative,Customer Care Executive 200 7
Reliance BPO 21-01-2011 Customer Support Associates, Customer Support Representative,Customer Care Executive 300 143
Vodafone by Pathfinder, Nagpur 11-02-2011 Executive 300 35
Reliance BPO 2011-12 14-09-2011 Customer Support Representative 45 36
Reliance BPO 16-09-2011 Customer Support Representative 95 63
Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal, Bhiwapur 19-09-2011 Accountant 13 2
GODREJ 2012-13 17-10-2012 Campaigning Executive 41 15
Eureka Forbes Ltd 18-10-2013 Sales Executives 58 32
Shri. Sai Computer Institute, Bhiwapur 14-01-2013 Instructor and Counsellor 20 4
Nav Bharat Fertilizers Ltd. Nagpur 2013-14 28/12/2013 Sales Executive 60 31
PATHFINDER Foundation Nagpur for IDBI Bank

S.B.I. Bank Pharmaceutical Company

15/01/2014 Sales Executive



Medical Representative

180 20